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The document is a PDF file which may be downloaded at no charge.
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SAM's GUIDE, Fall 2013 Edition is 121 pages and offers:

  • Community resources for everyone -- from before birth to the end of life.
  • New agencies and programs, found throughout the guide
  • The latest agency information, plus links to agency websites
While I have made every effort to be accurate, I apologize in advance for any errors or omissions. 

Ways to Use the Guide:

Keep a copy of the PDF file on your computer desktop.  The table of contents has links to each chapter. This may be the easiest way to find the information you are looking for. I have included agency website links in the document. These are activated, so that, with a click, one has access to additional program information. There is also an agency and program index in the back of the guide.

Download onto iPads and iPhones. The Guide may also be sent as an attachment to an e-mail and then opened and downloaded onto iPads and iPhones as a  PDF file stored in iBooks.

Print copies, single-sided or double-sided and place in binders. Other information may be added to the binder, as appropriate to meet the needs of the counselor’s specific clients. Some individuals have found it helpful to separate chapters with tab dividers or to use the dividers to quickly identify frequently used sections.
Please note that the Guide is copyrighted, all rights reserved. I hereby give my permission to download and distribute copies of the PDF file and to print and distribute paper copies of the Guide to anyone providing counseling and assisting families in Monterey County, California. Permission is NOT given to copy and paste any part of this guide into another document. Please contact me if you would like to link to this website (intranet or internet). 


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Updated October 7, 2013 

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